GEOS 424A/524A: Space Geodesy

Fall 2014    MW 930-1050 Room TBD

The space age began October 4 of the International Geophysical Year 1957, with the launch of the first artificial satellite Sputnik I.    With artificial satellites, it became possible to study the size, shape, gravity field, deformation, and rotation of Earth from space.   Today, space geodetic techniques play a key role in the fields of geodesy, geodetic astronomy, tectonics and geodynamics, atmospheric sciences and paleoclimate, hydrology and glaciology.   This course provides an overview of modern space-based measurement techniques, with particular emphasis on the Global Positioning System (GPS), in addition to InSAR, altimetry, and gravity missions.  

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Rick Bennett, Assistant Professor
Gould-Simpson 530
MW 1100-1200 and by appointment
Phone 621-2324
Skype rickbennett