Project goals: Resolve the distribution of slip and description of strain transfer from the southern San Andreas fault system into the eastern California shear zone, through the application of a dense campaign-style GPS network. This transfer of strain appears to be localized in the region encompassed by Joshua Tree National Park.

Network details:
JOIGN consists of 12 max mount-type monuments installed by the University of Arizona, as well as 14 NGS benchmarks within the park region.
Project details: Installation and first occupation of monuments occured in Fall of 2005, and has occured tri-annually (typically February, May, and September) through to the present. All stations were installed and observed at least once by the completion of the September 2006 campaign.


JOIGN Station ID's: 1113, 1114, 8252, BLAC, BLOY, DESO, F726, FORD, JT01, JT02, JT03, JT04, JT05, JT06, JT07, JT08, JT09, JT10, JT11, JT12, JTRE, KEY2, LITE, PB15, PB21, WARR

Publications resulting from JOIGN:  doi:10.1029/2010JB007424

Red triangles show locations of 24 monuments included in the JOIGN Network. The yellow and blue squares show locations of continuous GPS stations in the general vicinity